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Acorn Trees Ltd provides turfing in East Sussex.


We specialize in providing high-quality turfing services to customers looking to create or maintain beautiful, healthy lawns.


At Acorn Trees, we understand the importance of having a beautiful and functional outdoor space. That’s why we offer a range of turfing services designed to help you create the lawn of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to install a new lawn or repair an existing one, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done right.


Our turfing services start with a thorough consultation, during which we’ll assess your needs and help you choose the best turfing options for your property. We offer a variety of turfing options to suit different budgets and preferences, including premium turf, hard-wearing turf, and specialist turf for specific environments.


Once we’ve helped you choose the right turfing option, we’ll get to work preparing your site and laying down your new lawn. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your turf is installed quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standards of quality.


After installation, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your new lawn to ensure that it stays healthy and lush for years to come. We also offer ongoing maintenance services, including regular mowing, fertilizing, and watering, to help you keep your lawn looking its best.


So if you’re looking for a reliable, experienced company to handle your turfing needs, look no further than our company. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.


Where we offer our services:

  • Turfing in Battle
  • Turfing in Bexhill
  • Turfing in Pevensey
  • Turfing in Eastbourne
  • Turfing in Hastings
  • Turfing in Rye
  • Turfing in St Leonards
  • Turfing in East Sussex

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